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January 2015

The bumper 132-page January issue of FlyPast is a special edition not to be missed as we salute the men and machines of RAF Bomber Command – as well as covering everything from recent airshows to visits to museums in secretive North Korea. Our Bomber Command Salute section details the efforts and sacrifices made in the early days of World War Two, focusing on some of the less well known British bombers – such as the Hampden and the Manchester – as well as the more famous Lancaster and B-17.

Spotlight: Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
Nicknamed ‘missile with a man in it’ due to its rocket-like appearance, our popular Spotlight section focuses on the unmistakeable Lockheed Starfighter. Over 20 pages, we reflect on the history of this amazingly fast but sometimes controversial Cold War legend.

Luftwaffe Attack
Robert F Dorr describes a USAAF unit’s reaction to the make-or-break aerial assault codenamed Bodenplatte by the Luftwaffe.

Harvard Heaven
A five-ship Harvard display team is flying in New Zealand. Gavin Conroy goes air-to-air with The Roaring Forties.

Secrets of North Korea
Tom Singfield visits the traditionally secretive North Korea and its Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum.

Texas Showdown
Trips to two spectacular warbird-themed airshows in the great state of Texas.

We also bring you exciting news about a genuine Battle of Britain veteran Messerschmitt Bf 109E on its way to fly in the UK, and talk to Doug Stephen about his time working as an air signaller on RAF Vickers Valettas over Malaya. We visit the Aero Vintage/Retrotec workshop in East Sussex, look back on the remarkable career of a Farnborough flight test observer, and go flying in the US alongside an immaculately restored Laird biplane, plus much more.

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